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Panasonic Laser Sensors; The Following Information and Summary of Features and Benefits

Today are the era of automation solution which need to back upped with several products and component where users can reach they idea of productivity and effectivity on what kind of they working process. Than that’s why it was fully reasonable where there are lot of product also need to reach out, and looking by the automation solution users, especially the industries and other field closer with that.

On side of developer, there also many of big manufacture or name of company which are offered they newest product and technologies to support what industries want. Than it also happens with Panasonic, as one of former named in electrical component, device and product developers.

Panasonic also involved with kind of that industrial term of competition in term of create better working process. There’s lot of product are offered, each are design to pursue the perfection of users needed and intention.

On the field of sensing device and component, Panasonic Laser Sensor are become one of product which gain the lasers sensor benefits for many of user intention. This article dedicated to belonging with the informational act and summary of the features so user can now what benefits they can granted of in term of they needed and intention.

Panasonic Laser Sensors
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Panasonic Laser Sensors, Wide of Various Range of Product, Each Are Designed to Gain Users Benefit

There are so many product which create which belonging with Panasonic Laser Sensor product types. Each of the product are designed and completely offered under the expert of laser sensor developer. Than that’s why, it also reasonable for users which try to take a look deeper on some kind of the product which can be a great choice depend on what they need to belonging for. Here are some of the products type belong with the features for each of them.

• LS-500

This product designing with M6 housing on stainless steel material, which is dedicated to brings thru-beam version. IP67 version standard protection, 23.4 x 12 x 8.2mm a good idea for user which want to used it on small housing. The sensor used class 1 laser standard sensors, which brings very fast processing benefits around 60µs.

• EX-L200

It was come with class 1 laser types, with 0.5ms or less speed of response time. This are designed to be smallest detectable object device with around 0.3 mm range of detection, also up to 3m (EX-L212x) sensing range.

• LS-400

This are a ready to adjust laser class (1 or 2) types, with around 80µs response time, it also ready to belonging with up 1m reflective and 30m retroreflective sensing range. This are kind of adjustable spot diameter device, also can operated with kind of line type for area detection.

Those greats laser sensor are prepared with specific function. It because Panasonic are prepared they device under expert of sensing technologies. Choose one or more of the types are good decision for anyone which really want to create or build better of industrial automation solution systems through better and suitable device.


Panasonic Laser Sensor are kind of laser sensing device which prepared to installed with any range of sensing device which can help users to handle their automation solution sensing systems. Each of the product types are designing and prepared to belonging within the ideas of effectives, and precision sensing method.

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