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Carlo Gavazzi Environmental Sensors, Range of Features and Other Beneficial Information

The environmental technology was needed by wide range of industries and other institution which need to monitor the environment condition. It was kind of important process which had to do, because of several reasons, for example the environmental regulation which issued by the government, and other related common reasons.

Due to the fact, that’s why there are so many manufacture of technology developers which try to reach and pursue the perfection so can be grant a good ideation of better environmental sensor technology. It was kind of challenging competition where the best idea of product, high quality, and late specifications, just try to reach out each standards which want and need to grant by the users.

And here in this article we would go further more with kind of environmental sensors product offered by Carlo Gavazzi. As the parts of the best idea for more than 80 years of automation solution system, the product which offered also try to face out the idea of better solution in precision and hi-tech product ranges of solution.

Environmental Sensors
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Broad Range of Choice, Each Are Designed and Created to Brings Precision aspect of Environmental Monitoring Solution

As the part of reasonable ideas, the Environmental Sensors create by Carlo Gavazzi are try to reach a broad range of service. Environmental Sensor is coming from the RH (Relative Humidity), CO2, air velocity and temperature. Carlo Gavazzi product are offer a range of choice for around 4-20 mA, or 0-10 V even the digital output. Designed of the units are try to grant choice of mounting style between, duct and wall models.

Each units, are ready depends on mounting style. Here are the mounting style and the functional intention for each of series;

  • Duct and Wall Mounting Style – CO2 (500 ppm) and CO2 (5000 ppm)
  • Duct Mounting – Temperature and Air Velocity, Temperature and Humidity, also triple act, Temperature, Humidity, and Dew Point
  • Wall Mounting – CO2, Temperature, and Humidity, Temperature and Humidity, and triple action, Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point

Each of the mounting Environmental Sensors model are typically used to detect levels and BAS or an output to a controller. There are several are of applications, besides the industrial or manufacture plants, such as office buildings, schools and other specific area.

Belongs with specific function, which need to belongs with the industries, where it was had PLC (programmable logic controllers). By using and apply those utilities, people of industries would be had the capability to monitor wind speed on wide range of installation area, such as; wind farms, fountains, bridges, also solar installation. As the model capabilities, of sealed model against dust, also completed with a built in heather which can prevent from freezing of rotational parts, Carlo Gavazzi environmental sensors, are try to reach out better and suitable abilities of product to operate on any suitable environments.


Carlo Gavazzi environmental sensors are kind of product which can be used to monitoring such as environment capabilities. It had wide range of monitoring that can be operate for several monitoring aspect; RH (relative humidity), CO2, air velocity and temperature. This product also comes with flexibility of mounting aspect; duct and wall. Environmental Sensor is all to gain benefits for the users.

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