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BANNER Wireless Sensor Networks; A Reviews Approach and Overview Users Need to Know

As the impact of the Wireless Sensor Networks industrialism, there are many of industries which upgrading their supporting access also systemic ideas which prepared and belonging with the ideas of better working process. Than that’s why it was full reasonable ideas where many of the product are offered to support what industries needed.

BANNER Engineering Corp. as one of Wireless Sensor Networks manufacture which also made and offered specific product to belongs with those ideas are try to granted more with offered the wireless sensors networks family product.

This Wireless Sensor Networks product are ready to answers what users want to solve the condition where wired solution are ineffective, cost-prohibited also impractical. Through this article we would to introduce and bring some of the products overview among the BANNER products family.

Wireless Sensor Networks
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BANNER Wireless Sensor Networks; Provide Connect Remote Assets for Any Wireless Solutions

There are many of Wireless Sensor Networks BANNER products are designed to provides right solution for the users depend on what users need. Each are separated on specific functional, which derived again to the specific product named that face out kind of right function. Here are the overview of this product family.

• Wireless I/O & Data Radio

This are the product family which try to react the identification of wireless device with no software needed. It comes as; Ethernet signal wires, analog, serial, and easily replace discrete device. There are specific product are comes, such as wire replacement-PM Series, Sure Cross® Multihop Serial Data Radios, and Ethernet data radios.

• Wireless Controllers

This BANNER product comes as specific type called DXM Series. It was integrates controller serial with radio cellular and Ethernet connectivity. It also provide a platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) which provides through I/O locally.

• Wireless Sensors, Lighting and Indicators

This product family are provides to allow users to remotely diagnose and monitor they running systems quickly. It was prepared to eliminate expensive cable runs, increasing easy to setup and install, also can run machines integrated which not had network capabilities before. There are specific named such for kind of this product types such as Sure Cross® Q45, as first self contained standard photoelectric wireless. QM42 vibration and temperature series, the temperature and humidity sensors, K50U ultrasonic wireless sensor, FlexPower Node wireless ultrasonic sensor node, M-GAGE Node wireless, Q120 6-Button Pendant wireless, GPS receiver, TL70 modular tower light, also other such as TL70 tower light segments, and K70 70 mm domed wireless indicators.

Those Wireless Sensor Networks separation of functionalities are used to made users easy to gain a better ideas of wireless operational process. Some of the Wireless Sensor Networks products made by BANNER are totally offered to gain the productivity also other aspect during the operational process.


There are many of Wireless Sensor Networks made by BANNER are offered to the users. Each of the Wireless Sensor Networks kind of designed with specific features. But those specifically are provided a single idea of better and easy operational act when those industries operate those products also downgrade the costs of operational.

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