Monday, June 29, 2009

Power Source Component for Main Wiring PLC

1. Circuit Protector

Circuit Protector for PLC

2. If Requiring Source Of Voltage DC ( Direct current ) or Direct current then using Power Supply.
Name Of Differ From Power Supply :
a. Regulator DC.
b. AVR(Automatic Voltage Regulator) DC.
Source Of Voltage DC which often uses is DC 24V and DC 5V.
Example Power Supply

Power Supply for PLC

3. Noise Filter
Noise Filter functions to normal of electrical signal from noise / signal trouble.
Example Noise Filter

Noise Filter for PLC

4. Electric Socket
Applied to give source of Voltage at Laptop when programmer at machine.
Example Electric Socket :

Electric Socket for PLC

5. Fan Box
Fan Box applied to take care of atmosphere temperature in Box Panel that still awake the temperature.
Example Fan Box :

Fan Box for PLC


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