Tuesday, July 7, 2009

PLC Mitsubishi Programming for Sorter Machine

PLC  Mitsubishi Programming for Sorter Machine
Reading PLC Programming for Sorter Machine :

Step 1 :
If X000=ON And X001=OFF And X002=OFF Then M0=ON.

Step 2 :
If X000=ON And X001= ON ( Latching ) And X003= OFF Then M1=ON ( Latching ON ).

Step 3 :
If X000=ON And X001=ON And X003=ON And X005=OFF Then Pulse UP M2.

Step 4 :
If X000=ON And Pulse UP M2 ( Latching ) and X005=OFF And M0=OFF Then M3=ON ( Latching ON ).

Step 5 :
If X000=ON And X002=ON ( Latching ) and X004=OFF Then M4=ON ( Latching ON ).

Step 6 :
If X000=ON And X002=ON and X004=ON And X006=OFF Then Pulse UP M5.

Step 7 :
If X000=ON And Pulse UP M5 ( Latching ) and X006=OFF And M0=OFF Then M6=ON ( Latching ON ).

Step 8 :
If X000=ON And M0=ON or M3=ON or M6=ON Then Y000=ON.

Step 8 :
a. If X000=ON And M1=ON Then Y001= ON.
b. If X000=ON And M4=ON Then Y002= ON.

See : Definition Function DIFU or PLS PLC

See : Animation Sorter Machine


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