Thursday, February 25, 2010

PLC History : A Brief Summary

PLC history (Programmable Logic Controller history) and everything about it is worth-knowing by everyone who is working with systematic industry, so that they know exactly how to deal with it – especially if there is a problem with the tools. Though you are not an industrialist, knowing some information about how industrialization is rapidly developing can be interesting.

  Actually, there are many sources in the cyber world that reveal the PLC history since this issue is closely related to the technology and its development. However, the so-many expositions they present sometimes make people are quite reluctant in reading the passages. The following are some brief information about the PLC history and everything about it.

  Before PLC was created, all production activities in industries were helped by so-called ‘relay based machine control’ systems. For years, industrialists were dealing with this inflexible and expensive tool. Inflexible, because in upgrading the production system using the relay based machine control also means whole production system changing. Thus, it was somewhat expensive for whole production system changing costs lots of money. At this point, the PLC history is about to begin.  

The PLC history was all started with an industrialist named Richard E. Morley, who was also one of the founders of Modicon Corporation. In 1960s, General Motors (GM) issued a kind of proposal toward the replacement of relay-based machines; for the company spend lots of budget for the relay-based controlling, sequencing, and safety interlocking systems. Bradford Associates was appeared to be the winner of the proposal. In the process of the relay-based system products, Bradford changed its name into The Modicon Corporation, which is named after the company’s brands. One of the founder, Morley, finally created what so-called PLC; stands for Programmable Logic Controller. It is now known as digital electronic device which is used to memorize specific-function instructions.  

The PLC created by Morley of which code is 084, was the first PLC in PLC history. The coded 084 was sold not in that very year when it was created; however, it was sold in 1977 to Gould Electronics and was presented to General Motors. Since the first PLC was created, a sturdy development of it got a major role in industrialization rapid development. But what about 084 in this present time? Do not be so worry, such ancestor of all PLC in the world is now safely kept at Modicon headquarters, North Andover, Massachusetts.  

In addition, if you still need more information about PLC history or what is exactly the use of PLC, you can find them in the cyber world. Simply browse the internet and you will find countless numbers of information on the particular issue; each is told in a different points of view and languages.

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