Monday, March 15, 2010

Implementation SCADA in Industry and Infrastructure Projects

SCADA or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition have two elements in the application, namely:

1. Processes, systems, machines that will be monitored and controlled. The examples are power plants, irrigation systems, computer networks, etc.

2. An intelligent network interface to the system via external sensors and control. With SCADA network capable to control and monitor components in the system.

SCADA is used to make industrial processes and complex infrastructure working automatically. SCADA applications as followings:

a. Producing electricity, electricity transmission and distribution. SCADA functions as a detector size of the current and voltage, circuit breaker monitoring operations, and switch ON / OFF the power grid.

b. Reservoirs and water distribution. SCADA functions as monitoring of water flow rates, reservoir elevation, pressure pipes, etc.

c. Buildings, facilities and environment. SCADA functions as HVAC controllers, cooling units, lighting control and security systems.

d. Production. SCADA functions as a regulator of components inventory, machine or robotic automation, monitoring and quality control processes.

e. Railway transportations. SCADA functions as the controller electric power distribution, automation railway traffic signals, track and find the location of the train.

f. Traffic lights. SCADA functions as a regulator of traffic lights control the speed of traffic and detect the wrong signal.

SCADA is currently applied in many industrial and public infrastructure projects. All applications that require ease of monitoring and control, with various media interfaces can be treated with SCADA implementation.


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