Sunday, March 7, 2010

PLC Automation Systems

PLC automation system is a technology related to mechanical application, electronic and system which is based programmable logic controllers (PLCs). With the industry growing, PLC automation system is needed to support the smooth running of each process in the industrialized field, and replacing conventional automation systems that are outdated.

The impact of using systems automation PLC is increasing productivity and higher quality.

The basic elements of automation system

There are three basic elements on which the absolute requirement for automation systems, namely:

1. Power also called as energy source of the automation system. This serves to move all the components of the automation system. This power could be electric energy, battery or Accumulator.

2. Program of Instruction. The process of automation control system is absolutely needed. For this instruction program is a PLC programming system is very important role in controlling an automation system.

3. Control System. This is the most important part of an automation system. The analogy with the human body then this control system is part of the brain that regulated movement of the whole body. This control system consists of electronic circuits is controlled by the PLC programming software that controls the entire system. Example PLC automation system is a robot assembly that implement in the industry and the movement of the robot is controlled by the PLC programming.

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