Thursday, March 11, 2010

Programming PLCs Using Rockwell Automation Controllers

Rockwell Automation is a global provider of industrial automation, power, control and information solutions. The brands of Rockwell automation industrial automation are Allen-Bradley and Rockwell Software.

Programmable logic controllers (PLC) programming that using Rockwell automation, actually is using Allen-Bradley brand. Application of programmable logic controllers from Rockwell automation in industrial automation as following:

Automotive Industries
By using PLC programming from Rockwell automation you get accurate, event driven information about materials, operation and finished product requirements.

Fibre and Textiles Industries
It can improve the process in this field, such as, deploying flexible manufacturing strategies so that you can manufacture multiple products in single machine. Increasing uptime of continuous processes. Providing automatic ability for tracking and tracing for safety, etc.

Intelligent Motor Control
By using Rockwell automation you can optimize motor performance through network control and protection. Minimized start up times. Reducing downtime and simplified troubleshooting, etc.

Metal forming Industry
It can help to reduce cost, system development time, and installation time. To increase system flexibility and operation. To reduce the risk through the use of standard software modules and field proven design, etc.

Material Handling and Logistic Industry
Rockwell automation can improve your customer's operation by finding the optimum configuration of equipment and information technology for an effective material-handling system.

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