Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Servo Wiring Diagram

Here's an example Servo Wiring Diagram for Q-series PLC from Mitsubishi, Positioning module, servo amplifier and motor servo.

Servo Wiring Diagram

Servo Wiring Diagram

PLC for application of servo motor

PLC for servo motor
Component is needed for the servo wiring diagram is:
1. Q62P PLC Power Supply ( MELSEC-Q Mitsubishi ).
2. CPU unit Q02CPU ( MELSEC-Q Mitsubishi ).
3. Positioning Module QD75M1 ( MELSEC-Q Mitsubishi ).
4. Servo amplifier MR-J2S-B ( Mitsubishi ).
5. MR Buss Cable J2HBUS1M ( Mitsubishi ).
6. End Terminal MR-A-TM ( Mitsubishi ).
7. Limit Switch to Zero Position .
8. Encoder cable JCCBL05M MR-H ( Mitsubishi ).
9. MR-PWCNK2 connector ( Mitsubishi ).
10. Servo motor HC-KFS73 ( Mitsubishi ).

See : Application of Servo Motor


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