Friday, March 26, 2010

The Systems Practice PLC

The systems practice of PLC programming is now able to simulate by using PLC control simulation software. By practicing with this software there are some advantages, they are as following:
• Practice PLC control without bulky hardware equipment.
• It provides both virtual PLC module and the virtual plant.
• User can design and simulate any system with the built-in 2D and 3D virtual plant editor.

Some specifications of PLC control simulation software as following:
• Virtual plant designing and PLC simulator for windows environment.
• Useful help system of practice examples with web browser.
• Optional hard-lock and has different authorization.
• Be able to do PLC programming practice without real PLC.
• PLC interface using PLC communication function with network card.

In the PLC control simulation software is also built-in virtual plant and virtual equipment design, simulation and monitoring. Below are the features in this software:
• Embedded virtual plants designing tool with object properties defining dialog (support Visual Basic script to establish further object properties).
• Provides frequently used objects as templates with preset properties for easy & quick virtual plant design.
• User definable Images, Objects and templates library.
• Virtual Plants can be controlled by Embedded virtual PLC
• Virtual Plants can be controlled by Real PLC
• Intuitive & Visual wiring practice between objects and PLC contacts

PLC control simulation software is suitable for people who want to practice the PLC programming with low cost. This software is called as PLC Lab Software.

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