Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fanuc PLC Programming

GE Fanuc is one of the United Stated companies which produce several programming language for PLC programming. One of the PLC Programming Software from Fanuc is Logicmaster 90. Logicmaster 90 software is the LD and SFC programming for series 90s PLC. It supports PLC configuration in an offline mode or online with the PLC.

Logicmaster 90 provides PLC configuration and PLC programming in a single package. Some function may be unique to certain models of the series 90s and may not support by others.

Logicmaster 90 software requires at a minimum a 386 PC with 4 Mb RAM and DOS 5.0. Logicmaster90’s power and versatility is the association of mnemonics with programming functions. Mnemonic allows the programmer to memorize the frequently used functions and quickly bypass superfluous keystrokes. Mnemonic helps speed up program editing, reducing overall development costs.

Logicmaster 90’s can give PLC identification configuration at each CPU. It allows user to assign a meaningful name to a system instead of just a number. You can also display the current memory allocated to both discrete references and register references.

Logicmaster90’s I/O configuration software defines the modules that are present in the PLC, assigns logical addresses to the modules and selects option for individual module. These logical addresses are independent of physical location or function.


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