Monday, April 5, 2010

Interrupt Functions of PLC Omron CPM2A

Omron PLC CPM2A provides several types of interruptions processing, namely:

1. Interrupt Inputs. The program will be executed when the interrupt input condition 000.03 - 000.06 changed from OFF to ON. The number of Interrupt subroutine allocated for the Input 000.03 - 000.06 is 000 - 003.

2. Interval Timer Interrupts. Interval timer interrupt program to be executed based on a specified time interval with a precision of 0.1 milliseconds. Interrupt subroutine number to be allocated is 000 to 049.

3. Count-up Interrupt Using Interrupt Inputs (Counter Mode). The signal input into input 000.03 - 000.06 will be counted at high speed with a frequency of 2 kHz, and the main program will be suspended to run the program interruption. Interrupt subroutine number allocated to Input 000.03 - 000.06 is 000 to 0003.

4. Count-check Interrupts Using High-Speed Counter. The signals that go into Input 000.00 - 000.02 will be calculated at the high speed with a frequency of 20 kHz/5 kHz. Interruption program is executed when the PV value of High-Speed Counter has reached a target value SV, or has come to reach a certain value. Interrupt subroutine number to be allocated for this instruction is from 000 to 049.

Program interrupt subroutine is defined as an interruption in the program. As ordinary subroutines, interrupt subroutine instruction is also defined by SBN (92) and RET (93).
The rules must be followed in the case of an interruption subroutine definition is as follows.
1. Interruption can only be defined in the interrupt subroutine.
2. Existing interruption can be deleted in the interrupt subroutine.
3. In the interruption subroutine no other interruption subroutine.
4. In the interruption subroutine no ordinary subroutines.
5. In the ordinary subroutine no interruption subroutine.

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