Friday, April 9, 2010

PLC Thinget Low Cost and Reliable Solutions

PLC Thinget XC series is mini-PLC type that has extraordinary functions. This product can be used in a variety of control applications. With a compact design, the capability of this PLC has no doubt, cheap, affordable prices and great functions. PLC XC series can be perfect and a great solution for small or medium scale control applications.

Some important features of the PLC XC series are:
• Input / Output (I / O) from 14 to 60 points.
• Already have Flash ROM.
• Real time clock
• The COM port can be connected to the inverter, the other instruments, printers, etc.

Writing a program can be done by:
1. Statement, the program uses a program statement that uses instructions such as "LD", "AND", "OUT", etc.
2. Ladder diagram, this is the most common ways to create a PLC program, a graphical form.

Input Specifications
PLC Thinget equipped with a voltage source of 24VDC to provide current and voltage for sensors that mounted on the PLC Thinget. You do not need to provide an external voltage resource, simply do the connection properly, and then sensors are provided the voltage resources directly from the PLC Thinget. The basic unit of input specifications shown as the picture below.
Input Specifications PLC Thinget

Output Specifications
PLC Thinget has two outputs:
1. Relay output, the output equipped with relays, this is a protection between superficial devices and the PLC.
2. Transistor output, it is equipped with protection optocoupler that used to provide a superficial pulses form.
Specifications relay output PLC Thinget
Specifications relay output

Specifications transistor output PLC Thinget
Specifications transistor output

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