Saturday, April 17, 2010

PLC with Touch Screen

Nowadays forms of PLCs more and more advanced by producing touch screen PLC. With the touch screen PLC, the users enable to operate it easier. One of PLC touch screen product is from HIO.
PLC touch screen HIO
This HIO product is Touch Screen HMI with PLC. HIO controllers can be used in application across many industries. Feature of HMI Touch screen is as follows:
• All features of Prizm Touch Screen Operator Interfaces.
• Integral digital inputs and outputs with optional analog I/O.
• Inputs connectable to PLC or for used internal program.
• Support for Ladder Logic and Analog control.
• High speed counters and timers.
• Universal serial ports to connect PLC or programming port.
• Etc.

Touch key in HIO units can be assigned tasks for three instances: when the key is pressed, while the key is pressed and when the key is released. Multiple tasks can be assigned to a key. In addition to above, tasks for data entry, alarm management, etc can be defined. These definitions allow complete flexibility in cursor control and key operations when changing data.

Screen tasks can be assigned before showing a screen, while showing a screen and after hiding a screen. Various types of object, data display, data entry objects and alarm objects can be defined. Data entry objects can have limits and math associated.

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