Monday, April 12, 2010

Structural Monitoring Systems PLC Omron

PLC Omron is made from microprocessor system which has a special application as control bit logic. Below is a picture of the structure of the PLC.

structure PLC

This parameter can only be accessed when power supply ON. And the operation modes are as follows:
- Program mode, in which the PLC is not working conditions are used to change the parameters and setup.
- Monitor mode, where the PLC in a state work and to debug (monitor).
- Run mode, where the PLC in a state of work but can not perform such work in monitor mode but monitoring bit still can be done.

Memory Classification
PLC Omron has RAM memory and EPROM where RAM is divided into 2 types, namely:
1. Internal Relay (IR) is a memory allocation function input bit output.
2. Common Input Output (CIO), is a memory that serves as the IR but has a broader function.

Addressing System
If memory is the IR or CIO-bit memory addressing system is written word and bit addresses. Between word and bit addresses are separated by a dot.
bit memory addressing system

Writing Data
Writing data as follows
-> Decimal in writing as follows: 100, -1124, +366
-> BCD (Binary Code Decimal) is written with an initial # as follows: # 4095
-> Hexadecimal written with 0 ~ F for example: # 0FFF
-> Binary written with initial signs & as follows: & 00010011
-> Real written by commas and the system of exponents (e) as follows: 1.1e4

Global Memory
PLC Omron has a global memory which consists of AR and SR. Memory has a special function and the other as a control bit.

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