Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Tasks of SCADA Software

SCADA software in the overall SCADA system has several major tasks to be done:

Input/Output Task
- Interface SCADA system with equipment in the plant. This includes the handling of data communications, so the PC can read or write data from the equipment that connected to PLC.

Alarm Task
- Manage all types of alarms (abnormal condition) that occurred in the field.

Trends Task
- Collecting plant data every time and displays them in graphical form that is easily understood by operator.

Task Reports
- Provide reports (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) are derived from plant data

Display Task:
- Display the process. Operators can observe everything that happens on the field, and can take action to control the objects in the field.

Another some tasks (features) are:
• Networking (include internet)
• Scalability / Expandability
• Fault tolerance and redundancy

Wonderware ® is one of the SCADA software packages on the market. To fulfill the tasks above, Wonderware has a special program to handle it. Below are some samples:
• Human Machine Interface & Alarm: WW InTouch.
• I/O Task: WW I/O Driver.
• Report & Trend: WW Active Factory.
• Databases: WW Server InSQL.
• Internet: WW Suite Voyager.


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