Friday, May 7, 2010

Applications of PLC

There are so many applications of PLC especially in industry environment. Here are few examples of PLC programming applications that have been successfully completed and in use today:

Plastics Industry
- Extruder factory, silo feeding control system
- Injection molding control system.

Textile Industry
- Industrial batch washing machine control system
- Closed loop textile shrinkage system.

Manufacturing Industry
- Lead acid battery plant, complete manufacturing system.
- Extruder factory, silo feeding control system

Travel Industry
- Escalator operation, monitored safety control system.
- Lift operation, monitored safety control system.

- Water tank quenching system

Printing Industry
- Offset web press print register control system.
- Multi stage screen washing system.

Food Industry
- Filling machine control system
- Main factory feed water pump duty changeover system

- Coal fired boiler fan change-over system.

Film Industry
- Servo axis controlled camera positioning system.

- Main corrugators machine control system.
- BOBST platen press driver and control system.

- Glasshouse heating, ventilation & watering system.

- Overhead transportation system from casting process to shot blasting machine.

- Roller coaster ride and effects control system.
- Greyhound track 'Rabbit' drive system.

Manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Allen Bradley, Omron and Siemens have been around for a long time and produce very high quality equipment through years of development. It is quite probable that your machines have one of these makes controlling it.

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