Thursday, May 20, 2010

Configure an Allen-Bradley PLC5 Device

Here will be explained how to configure the Allen-Bradley PLC5 device. Below are the steps:
1. Start the Internet Explorer Web Browser.
2. Enter IP address of the project node.
3. Select WebAcess configuration.
4. Open or create a project.
5. Select a SCADA node or use Add SCADA node to create one. A SCADA node is the PC that will connect to the PLC5 or interface module.
6. Configure a serial comport using ADD Comport for the SCADA node.
7. Select Serial type comport.
8. Configure Baud rate, Data bit, Stop bits and parity to match those in the PLC. All PLC on this comport must use the same settings.
Typical Settings are:
a.Data length = 8 bits
b.Stop bit = 1
c.Party = None
d.Transfer rate = 19200
e.HandshakeRts = No
f.HandshakeDtr = No

9. Press Submit.
10. Select the comport from the list at left.
11. Select Add Device.
12. Select ABPLC5 as the device type. This determines the communications protocol and device driver.
13. Match the Checksum used (CRC or BCC). CRC is typical.
14. Enter the AB PLC5 node address as the unit number.
Node addresses on the DH and DH+ are in octal notation.
Unit addresses in WebAccess are in decimal notation.
15. Use Add Tag to create tags.
16. Select a parameter to match the type of data to be read (AI, AO, DI, DO, ST, etc). The data type of the parameter must match the data type being read (example, Analog, Digital/Discrete or Txt/ASCII/String). 17. Modify the Address to match the actual address.
18. Apply a tag name.
19. Optionally, assign scaling, Engineering units, Description and other features.


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