Friday, May 21, 2010

Configure Analog Input and Digital Output of Allen-Bradley PLC5

Below is the example to configure a tag that reads the analog inputs from the N7 range of registers:
1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Connect to project node.
3. Start WebAccess Configuration.
4. Select your project.
5. Select SCADA node.
6. Select the Allen-Bradley PLC5 or SLC500 Device.
7. Select Add Tag.
configure tag Allen-Bradley PLC5
8. From parameter pull down list select the N parameter.
9. Select ALARM from the ALARM pull down list.
10. Enter a tag name users can use to identify this analog input measurement.
11. Edit the Address to the actual address.
12. Enter a description.
13. Optionally enter, Scaling, Span Hi, Span Low, Engineering units, Alarm, enable data logging, etc.
14. Press submit.

And below are the instruction steps to configure a Digital Output Tag.
1. Select the Allen-Bradley PLC5 Device.
2. Select Add Tag.
3. From parameter pull down list select DO.
4. Select ALARM from the Alarm Pull down list. Wait for the page to update with a Pink highlight around alarm.
configure Digital Output Tag Allen-Bradley PLC5
5. Enter a Tag name users can use to identify this Digital Output measurement.
6. Edit the address to actual address.
7. Enter a description.
8. Optionally enter, State0 description, State 1 description, Alarms, enable data logging, etc.
9. Press submit.


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