Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Function Block Diagram Programming Using FAB Intelligent Controller

FAB intelligent Controller is an intelligent controller which uses the function block for programming and is provided with a LCD display panel. It allows the control function of PLC, which required a large section of instruction and program to implement in the past, to be executed only by a function block.

FAB intelligent controller is a new type of programmable controller. As it is programmed by the means of FBD (Function Block Diagram), it is simpler and easier to learn the programming of FAB compared with the conventional PLC programming namely, Ladder Diagram and instruction.

In the design concept of FAB intelligent controller, the host used in the conventional separating PLC is combined with writer, and the program can be written directly on LCD front panel, and the result is the cost can be reduced greatly, and moreover the great convenience can be provided to operators.

The FAB intelligent controller has a compact structure with a small size and a light weight, and they are suitable to be used incorporated. Beside that FAB intelligent controller can be used in implementing the close and remote communication networking and monitoring so s to allow such small sized device to have stronger function. At present FAB is widely used in various fields of industry, agriculture, automation control, etc.

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