Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mitsubishi FX 24m PLC Programming

A variety of tools are available to program the Mitsubishi FX family of PLCs. Programming tools operating old system software can not access the new features added to the FX CPU from version 3.07 and available on all FX2C units. Programming certain standard applied instructions in conjunction with special auxiliary coils (M coils) can achieve the same effective instruction as the new instructions. The following table will identify the instruction.
program Mitsubishi FX

To program new Interrupt Pointers I010 through I060 in to the HSCS (FNC 53) instruction with older programming equipment, substitute the following special M codes for the appropriate Interrupt Pointer.
Interrupt Pointers

With old software and peripheral, file registers can not be used as a destination device in the BMOV (FNC 15) instruction. To BMOV data into file registers with old equipment set special M coil M8198 on. This switch source and destination parameters, the source is then treated as the destination and the destination becomes the source.

The introduction of this CPU provides the FX user with many new devices and instructions. To use the full features of the FX2N(C) units the user must upgrade older software and hardware programming tools. However, because of the downward compatibility of the FX2N(C), it is not necessary to upgrade existing programming tools for use with FX2N(C) units up to equivalent functionality of FX CPU version 3.30 units.
programming tools

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