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Timer Countdown with PLC

Simulation Timer Countdown
Timer Countdown

Detail Timer Countdown with PLC

Timer Countdown
Information on Drawing Numbers for Timer Countdown with PLC :
1. Timer Countdown with Two 7 Segment
2. PLC or Programmable Logic Controller
3. Toggle Switch ( ON - OFF )
4. Lamp to signal countdown completion

Two Seven Segment and PLC Output

two Seven Segment and PLC Output

Information for One Seven Segment to PLC :
1. one 7 Segment
2. common anode seven segment
3. common cathode seven segment

Number Of Inputs and Output PLC applied :
1. Number Of Inputs PLC is 1 Input :
--- 1 Unit Input for Toggle Switch ( ON - OFF ).
--- Total Number Of Inputs PLC is Minimum 1 Input Unit.

2. Number Of Output PLC is 15 Output :
--- 14 Unit Output for two Seven Segment.
--- 1 Unit Output for Lamp to signal countdown completion.
--- Total Number Of Outputs PLC is Minimum 15 Output Unit.

Sequence PLC Programming for Timer Countdown :

1. Timer Countdown Display starts from 30 seconds
-> If Toggle Switch = OFF Then Timer Countdown display = 30.

2. Count down from 30 seconds to 00 seconds
-> If Toggle Switch = ON Then Timer Countdown display = count down from 30 seconds to 00 seconds.

3. After 00 seconds then Lamp: ON
-> If Timer Countdown display = 00 Then Lamp = ON.

4. Reset for Timer Countdown
-> If Toggle Switch = OFF Then Timer Countdown display = 30 And Lamp = OFF.

Download Simulation Timer Countdown with PLC :
Please Click : Timer Countdown with PLC

Can You make Program Ladder PLC ?

If Can't :

Timer Countdown with PLC Omron

Timer Countdown with PLC Mitsubishi

Timer Countdown with PLC Keyence


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