Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Set Up EthernetIP for ControlLogix 5000

EDS file is an Ethernet IP EDS file specific to PumpSmart PS200 is available on the PS200 v5 Fieldbus Communications web page. Note that EDS files are only required when using RSNetworx for Ethernet in your application. This example is not using RSNetworx for Ethernet but is opening a generic Ethernet module in the ControlLogix 5000 PLC.

1. Open RS Logix 5000 and open an RSLogix 5000 program. Right click on the 1769-L32E Ethernet Port Local ENB.
RSLogix 5000 program
2. Click on new Module.
RSLogix 5000 new Module
3. Select module Ethernet – Module
RSLogix 5000 module Ethernet
4. Program the following information below. The example below is using Input and Output Assembly instances 102 and 103. Once completed click finish.
RSLogix 5000 Input and Output
Input and Output sizes must match that used in the PS200. If writing to the Control Word and first reference, and reading the status word, motor speed, power, and smart flow, the output size must be 2 and the input size must be 4.

5. The RETA-01 is now added to the PLC I/O.
RETA-01 added PLC I/O
The problem or error that usually happened is unable to establish communications between the drive and the DCS (PLC). To avoid this problem:
• Be sure the module is located in slot 1 of the PS200.
• Check the MAC Addressing between the DCS and the drive specifically the IP and Subnet Mask.
• Be sure the Comm Rate and DHCP values are correct for the network.
• Be sure that parameter 31.01 state RETA-01.
• Be sure that you have refreshed the fieldbus module anytime after you change parameters in group 31.27.


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