Thursday, June 24, 2010

Telemecanique Modicon Advance Program TSX7 PLC

The Telemecanique Modicon Advance Program is a simple process to update your legacy systems based upon your specific needs and requirements, allowing you to select the right level of upgrade for your processors, software and I/O points. The program is built around the latest generation of Schneider’s Electric PLC platform and allows you to explore new possibilities that will seamlessly and cost effectively take your automation system to next level.

Schneider Electric’s TSX7 software conversion solutions provide the ability to access the latest non-proprietary communication technologies such as Ethernet TCP/IP. The software converter allows the efficient conversion of your PL7-3 application to Unity Pro, providing the capability to integrate the control system into company wide networks, with diagnostic and process information available through standard we browsers.

If your machine or process has been in service for an extended period of time, your application may have undergone several modifications. As a business with critical processes, you may need to modernize your installation within very short time periods. You may also wish to focus on communication and operating functions with the aid of new software developments.

With Modicon Advance Program TSX7 PLC, it will help to control the risk of upgrading which is a major benefit when modernizing your system.

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