Wednesday, July 28, 2010

CX Simulator Software to Test Program Omron PLC

CX-Simulator is a powerful software tool that functions as a virtual CJ1/CS1 PLC. It is the ultimate tool for CX Programmer developers to efficiently design, test, and debug program logic as well as serial and network connections. The program runs on a Windows based PC.

Use CX-Simulator prior to project start up when physical connections to the hardware are not available. Developed programs can be run and edited. I/O can be simulated to conform to field devices, network communications can be tested and program scan rates can be calculated. Existing programs can also be evaluated, providing the most efficient means of improving system performance.

Leverage all the debugging features of CX Programming and more Download ladder programs to CX- Simulator’s virtual CJ1/CS1 just as you would an actual Omron CJ1 or CS1 CPU and work “online” with CX-Programmer editing and testing.

Create I/O expressions or a debugging ladder logic program to simulate virtual external inputs. It is even possible to input an actual PLC “Data trace” or collect “Time Chart Monitor” data from CX-Programmer for input simulation.

The key features of CX-Simulator as following:
• Transfer logic programs using CX-Programmer just as with actual CJ1 or CS1 PLC connected.
• Simulate input conditions.
• Single step logic programs.
• Set break points.
• Filter for I/O conditions.
• Test/debug serial devices with “Live” connections through serial port.
• Send/receive FINS commands.
• Test/debug HMI/SCADA applications.
• Easy connection to CX-Programmer from toolbar menu.


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