Monday, July 12, 2010

Fuzzy Controller and its Applications

Fuzzy logic is human concept, potentially applicable to a wide range of processes and tasks that require human intuition and experience. In computer, truth values are either 1 or 0, which correspond to true/false duality. In Fuzzy logic, truth is the matter of degree, thus truth-values range between 1 and 0 in a continuous manner. Fuzzy logic is a method for representing information in a way that resembles natural human communication. It is rule based system. Fuzzy logic control can be applied by means of software, dedicated controllers, or Fuzzy microprocessor embedded in digital products. Application flexibility combined with inherent simplicity and a wide range of capabilities give Fuzzy logic technology a great potential growth.

Fuzzy systems are rule based with a strong mathematical basis. A Fuzzy system is basically made of a fuzzifier, a defuzzifier, an inference engine and a rule base. The role of fuzzifier is to map the crisp input data value to fuzzy sets defined by their membership function depending on the degree of “possibility” of the input data. The goal of defuzzifier is to map the output fuzzy sets to a crisp output value. It combines the different fuzzy sets with different degrees of possibility to produce a single numerical value.

Fuzzy interference engine defines how system should infer through rules in the rule base to determine the output fuzzy sets. Fuzzy technology has already contributed to some industrial control applications. Future sensors applications for fuzzy logic might include flow and proximity sensors. Additional control applications for fuzzy logic will be in the chemical processing industries.

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