Saturday, July 17, 2010

MicroLogix 1100 LCD Functionality

Through the embedded LCD, your MicroLogix 1100 lets you monitor bit and integer data within the controller, and optionally modify that data, to interact with your control program. Similarly to the optional 1764-DAT for the MicroLogix 1500 controllers, the embedded Micrologix 1100LCD allows users access to 48bits and 48 integers, each of which can be individually protected. Need to know the speed of conveyor, the status of a remote sensor, or how close your process is running relative to its optimal temperature? Just monitor your LCD.

Need to manually start an operation, change a timing sequence, or make adjustment to a counter? Why use your laptop and programming software when the LCD allows you to simulate pushbuttons or numeric entries devices? By simply moving or copying data in and out of the bit and integer files, you now can monitor and modify the parameters that your controller uses.
MicroLogix 1100 LCD
Making use of the new MicroLogix 1100 “LCD instruction”, your controller can directly interface with a local operator using your Ladder logic. The LCD instruction executes under 2 modes of operation, the first mode being ladder logic output to display only. In this mode, up to 3 lines data, with up to 12 characters per line. This line can consist of combinations of bits, integer and String characters.
MicroLogix 1100 LCD 2
The second mode, the operation allows for output from the ladder logic to the display, but adds input from the operator back to the controller. Up to 2 lines of up to 12 characters each can still be sent to LCD for display, but the third line in this mode is used to obtain numeric input from the user.
MicroLogix 1100 LCD 3

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