Friday, August 20, 2010

Application of PLC in Glass Industry

PLC was applied in glass industry in 1980s. Since then, PLC was assembled bit by bit. Nowadays PLC has been used in every procedure and every workshop to control material ratio, equipment of cold forging, the processing of flat glass, etc.

With development of PLC and enhancement of productivity demand, the control mode of PLC together with intelligent device is being applied in Glass Industry. Under the production of Float Glass, only PLC by itself can not finish control tasks because of complexity of control system and processing analog, a large number of data. Now we can use Bus Technology to construct the control mode of PLC together with DCS (Distributed Control System), in which DCS deal with data recording and analog controlling and PLC is responsible for position control and digital quantity control.

This kind of control mode can bring advantage of both DCS and PLC into full play to improve reliability and flexibility of control system. In the meantime in Production line of toughened glass, control system adopts to other control mode, that is to say, PLS as lower computer constitute DCS with industrial computer. This control mode gives full play to function of both PLC and Industrial Computer, in which PLC is responsible for position control and digital quantity control and Industrial Computer deal with data acquisition and display. In this mode human-computer interaction technology is conveniently used to improve function of control system.

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