Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Benefit of DCS on Configuration

One the provider of DCS is Honeywell. They have refined DCS solution and made it easy to configure with templates, engineering tools, application libraries and scenarios for specific process control applications. Configuration of DCS is better than programming. Configuration means that the logic and control scenarios already exist in the system as functions that are applied to the application. These functions are proven, tested and repeatable insuring high quality and low cost to maintain the system.

When configuring a tag, everything required is there to connect it to field point and alarm logic, history, version control and other functions, saving times and improving quality. You don’t have to build alarm logic, configure a separate historian and other functions.

Configuring field control is straight forward. For example, if you have two inputs, one output valve, there is a Function Block library so you don’t have to create the logic from scratch. Again, customers use proven and repeatable logic that improves quality, reliability and speed.

The control logic and flow is clearly visible during run-time using DCS approach in contrast to ladder logic where someone could have later added a rung or made a change in the logic that is not apparent. Because the logic connections flow are clearly visible in the DCS, making changes takes less time and there is significantly less risk of creating problems leading to higher process reliability.


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