Monday, August 23, 2010

Honeywell Experion Process Knowledge System

Experion is Honeywell’s unified system for process, business, and asset management that help industrial manufacturers increase their profitability and productivity.

Experion takes customers well beyond Distributed Control System (DCS) functionality with advanced automation platform solution and innovative application integration to improve business performance and peace of mind. And there’s no need to worry about upgrading from TDC2000/TDC 3000 or Total Plant Solution (TPS).

The unique, patent pending design of series C combine sleek styling and function to provide process I/O with reduce footprint, easier installation and maintenance and longer life. The series C form factor benefit extend to multiple modules, such as the series C C300 controller, the Fieldbus Interface Module, the Control Firewall, and HART analogue modules.

The Control Execution Environment (CEE) is the common core software used in the various controllers supported by ExperionTM. This includes the C200 Process Control, the C300 Process Controller, the Application Control Environment (ACE) and the C200 Simulation Environment (SIM-C200). The CEE provides an execution and scheduling environment where control strategies are configured from a rich set of standard and optional function block a single builder tool, Control Builder.

Function Block are grouped and wired together in a container to perform s specific control function such as a valve control strategy. The Control Execution Environment (CEE) supports two types of containers: the Control Module in which continuous and discrete controls are combined, and an SCM, which is used foe sequence control. Function block support the complete control application range, such as continuous, discrete and batch control.


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