Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OLE for Process Control Software for Automation Controllers

OPC – OLE for Process Control was originally designed for accessing data from network data servers, OPC interfaces are being used in many places in today’s software environment. At the lowest level OPC servers used to exchange data between a physical device and an application. The architecture and design also allow the construction of OPC Servers that access data from different OPC servers from different devices running on different nodes. This includes application to application interfaces. Current enterprise software systems are being fielded that rely on OPC for database access, maintenance, alarming, MMI/SCADA, and general system integration at the level of ladder and program development and control.

current development at Delta Tau are underway to move PMAC-NC and PMAC executive in this direction so that rather than directly talking to PMAC (Programmable Multi Axis Controller) using PCComm32 on the host computer the PMAC OPC Server will be used. In doing so a single PMAC-NC or PMAC Executive application will be able to communicate with other controllers or control multiple PMAC running in physically separate locations of different computers. Further enhancements to these Delta Tau tolls will decompose them into COM compliant objects that will allow the developer to access specific capabilities from their own custom software.
OLE for Process Control


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