Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Substation Automation System

The system used to monitor & control power systems and process shall take into account changes made in innovation cycles as well as new trend in utilities. UIS Substation Automation Solutions can meet all the demands of a distributed substation control system for both existing as well as newly built electrical substations.

The substation automation system is formed around a redundant network where the subsystems are physically distributed, logically integrated:
1. Bay level – consists of protection devices, IEDs, and measuring devices to be connected to Bay control units.
2. Station Level – consists of fiber optic substation LAN, serial bus for protection devices that can not directly connect to substation LAN and Bay Control are Automation units.
3. HMI/Control center level – consists of redundant data servers, operator’s workstations, engineering workstations, Local Area Network (LAN), printers and time system.
4. Remote data level – consists of gateway, routers and firewalls.

The entire substation will be monitored and controlled from Substation Control Room through independent substation computers and associated HMI, while individual circuit bays will be monitored and controlled from processor based Bay Control Units.

All configuration parameters and substation monitoring systems functions can be retrieved as if connected directly to the device, altered and then re-downloaded. A copy of the configuration can be maintained on the engineer’s workstation for future use.

Our substation automation solutions can be divided into two groups: Substation Control and Information Management System (SCIMS) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS).

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