Friday, August 6, 2010

Substation Control & Information Management System (SCIMS)

The substation Control & Information System (SCIMS), form the basis for integrating all substation data including traditional SCADA data, protection data, IED data and support for substation automation sequences.

Due to its inherent capability to integrate multi vendor IEDs, the solution provides a mechanism for utilities to maximize their benefits from the existing IEDs deployed in the network and have greater bargaining power when purchasing IEDs. The system can be either centralized or consists of many fully integrated SCIMS cells. Each cell has the responsibility to collect data via hardwired or communication signals, transfer the data to the SCIMS cell responsible for master station communication and eventually send the data to one or more master or HMI stations.

The SCIMS is based on real-time operations, and includes the following functions:
• Real-time data for operational purposes.
• Configuration data for maintenance and network reconfiguration.
• One solution for multiple vendor IEDs / protection devices.
• Access to data other than through the traditional SCADA interfaces.
• Scalable – capable of handling from a single IED up to very large substations.
• Integration of newer IED which support Ethernet/TCP/IP Protocols.

In a recent installment, UIS has deployed a system concurrently running more than 10 different IEDs and various control center protocols.

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