Sunday, September 19, 2010

Modernizing an SCADA/HMI Systems

"Time flies". The old adage could be obsolete, but it is also true in many cases, perhaps no more so today than with the plant HMI SCADA system. This system took center stage a decade ago as the world prepared to enter the new millennium and predictions about the death raged all date-based technology and systems.

However, by making some modifications and put many upgrades in place, HMI / SCADA system made it through Y2K unscathed and once again relegated to obscurity. Now aged and old, many of which are inefficient and ineffective, not doing the job they should do and, more importantly, not doing their job can do.

Before more time passes, producers will be advised to check their existing conditions HMI SCADA system and determine what can be done to change the installation to perform poorly-equipped, optimally configured one. In some cases, fix some systems might be as simple as checking what is already in place and make some minor modifications. On the other, more profound changes may be needed. In all cases, the outcome most certainly would be significant - and perhaps surprising.

White paper will examine the current state of HMI / SCADA system and look in detail at some of the advanced technology available to HMI / SCADA systems, how they may be incorporated into existing installations and what benefits they might bring to enhance and improve the entire operation.


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