Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vulnerability Analysis to Protect SCADA System

A changing vulnerability and threat landscape and continuing requirements for compliance are the main drivers for vulnerability management programs to expand. A strategy to deal with cyber attacks against nation’s critical infrastructure requires first understanding the full nature of the threat.

Vulnerability analysis must focus on identifying the vulnerability of engineered system to both natural and man made disruptions. This implies new tasks related to conceptual and methodological development of risk and vulnerability modeling, cause mitigation analysis and process component definition including risk and vulnerability assessment for SCADA networks.

The focus should be in the development of tools that can provide discovery and training on vulnerability and adaptation. Currently, several vulnerabilities are modeled based on heuristics. In protecting against an attack and maintaining continuous operation, research must focus in vulnerability management.

Vulnerability management consists of a combination of technologies and processes to improve security posture. Targeted threats drive the need for more effective and proactive infrastructure protection solutions. A control system should monitor for cyber attack activities and automatically generate patches to protect an application source code and identify new vulnerabilities. This assumes that an analysis engine can identify the potential vector attack from the information collected in real time and discover ne vulnerabilities.


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