Saturday, October 2, 2010

Frame Relay and Ethernet of SCADA

Frame relay is a packet switch network. Data packets in frame relay network may not have direct correspondence with the size of the polling SCADA / response packet. Therefore, a SCADA package will often be broken into multiple packets by the frame relay network, with a delay between the frame relay data packets.

Typically the communication system vendors such as Sprint, MCI and AT & T type of packet switching using when the large data transport via large geographical distances. So they carry data encapsulated by the transport protocol for frames relay them through their routers available on all multi lane together long haul networks. Thus the frame is a data communication services provided by telecom operators across the network with one or more points. Cost is based on three elements of the commitment level of information, access circuit and port speed.

Ethernet is one of the Local Area Network was introduced by Xerox in the early 70s. Network type highlights a radical change in how computing done. Instead of using a terminal to access a shared mainframe or mini-computers, users now work directly on a single computer user. A computer in turn connected to a local network provides the users to share access to information stored and general peripheral equipment such as printers and fax machines.

Ethernet is a packet-oriented protocol. Ethernet packets generated regardless of the protocol of data entry. Ethernet devices must comply with the rules of the protocol, related to the need for Ethernet, allowing a variety of devices that may be connected to an Ethernet network that is similar to frame relay.


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