Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Possibility SCADA Links Use over Cellular and Internet

SCADA systems, whether the new design or system which has been operating for years, can usually migrate to high-speed networks and non-proprietary open protocol with a little planning and study options available. System designers should be familiar with the matter of functionality, delay in transmission, voting cycle, data processing requirements and the available technology. In addition, proprietary and vendor-specific protocols and programs should be avoided at all costs instead of open standards and easily interchangeable software and hardware from other vendors.

Final question for the experts on SCADA, SCADA Does working more than a mobile phone or internet links public? Possible but caution is needed. Cellular telephone networks are designed for short-term conversation, have a low level data, and vulnerable to the current call termination. Except for SCADA systems are designed for dial-up calls short term, is unlikely to be a satisfactory alternative. Internet would have a package similar to the long delay in switching the X-25 Networks example, for credit card processing) and may also suffer from packet loss that can be as high as 10% or more over a period of severe congestion. Internet might be acceptable for some monitoring and data collection, but not for real-time data collection and control requirements.


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