Sunday, November 28, 2010

ABC ConfigTool One Configuration for Multiple Networks

To define the translation between the upper network and the serial sub-network is via the ABC ConfigTool. This software has an easy to use user interface and no programming required. Pre-defined function makes the translations are easily configured.

The user can define which and how much data from the upper network shall be transferred to the sub-network during configuration. Additionally specific start characters and/or trailing characters including checksum mechanisms can be defined and a complete network telegram frame is constructed. A simple object based configuration is used by Anybus Communicator instead of a complex programming language.

The ABC ConfigTool provides a wizards for Modbus-RTU based configuration and an efficient online help functionality. The configuration of ABC ConfigTool is downloaded from the PC into the Communicator. The Communicator is ready now to start the communication with its assigned devices on the sub-network.

To save the configuration into a file, the ABC CofigTool also provides the functionality. For OEM manufacturers, this makes it easy to upload pre-defined configurations for instant usage of the Communicator by their end customers.

The benefits of Communicator are:
• Flexible translation between fieldbus or Ethernet and a serial RS232/422/485 sub-network with no programming required.
• It can be reused for many other networks once a configuration is completed.
• Instant network connectivity for all devices with serial interface.
• One Communicator can connect multiple field devices.

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