Saturday, November 27, 2010

cATM PACs Controllers without Programming

The cATM module is a dedicated appliance transaction module that installs in a chassis of Allen Bradley ControlLogix. This module provides controller to controller data integration between Rockwell Automation controllers and a wide variety of other controller brands and network protocols. All drivers have been included and here is no additional cost to use multiple drivers.

The cATM module provides connectivity between thousands of different devices through over 100 drivers encompassing both serial and Ethernet communications. It is not require programming. This module is a ‘configure and go’ product. When the cATM Universal gateway is configured, it is automatically and transparently executes the exchange of data between controllers with no control program changes.

The data of this module can be transferred bi-directionally between the two controllers at configured rate enabling machine to machine connectivity for horizontal integration and migration at the control level. It is also a backplane interface that enables direct access to data in the ControlLogix processor.

Features and benefits of cATM Universal Gateway are:
• Package solution, - includes all required hardware and software. The configurations are stored on-board in compact flash memory.
• Wide selection of tested drivers, includes more than 100 field tested controller and network drivers.
• Easy configurations, on board configuration interface.
• Flexible data handling, bi-directional data exchange between two connected devices.
• Designed for plant floor environments.
• Etc.

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