Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Generate Structured Text by Simulink PLC Coder

Simulink PLC Coder generates hardware independent IEC 61131 structured text from Simulink models, Embedded MATLAB functions, and Stateflow charts. This structured text is generated in PLCopen XML and other file format supported by widely used IDEs (Integrated Development Environments). You can deploy and compile your application to numerous PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) devices.

Simulink PLC Coder generates test benches that help you to verify the structured text using PAC IDEs, PLC and other simulation tools. The features of Simulink PLC coder as following:
• Simulink support including PID controller blocks, reusable subsystems, and lookup tables.
• Stateflow support including truth tables, graphical functions, and state machines.
• Embedded MATLAB support including loop constructs, if-else statements, and math operation.
• Support to multiple data types including integer, Boolean, enumerated and floating point, as well as vectors, buses, matrices, and tunable parameters.
• DE support including B&R Automation Studio, Rockwell Automation RSLogix 5000, PLCopen XML, and 3S-Smart Software Solutions CoDeSys.

You can generate structured using Simulink PLC Coder by right clicking on a Subsystem block and select the option of PLC Coder->Generate Code for Subsystem in the resulting context menu in Simulink. You can invoke the command of plcgeneratecode, which lets you create scripts to generate structured text using an automated, repeatable build process in MATLAB.

Simulink PLC Coder can fully implement your control system models comprising feedback loops, math-intensive algorithms, mode and state logic with support for more than 130 Simulink blocks, all Stateflow constructs and many Embedded MATLAB functions. You can use Simulink PLC Coder to convert discrete time plant models into structured text for HIL (Hardware in the loop) testing. You can use alternatively Real-Time Workshop to generate code of C or C++ for HIL testing with discrete time or continuous time models. Simulink PLC Coder also provides optimizations that increase the execution speed of the structured text generation and reduce memory size.

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