Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Improve Electrical Disturbances on PLC-based Servo Control by EPRI

EPRI will draw on the input of industrial facility operators, energy service providers, and equipment manufacturers to identify power quality issues related to PLC-based servo control systems. EPRI engineers create performance criteria for these systems and develop guidelines for making the systems less susceptible to electrical disturbances. They share case studies from voltage sag testing at numerous industrial facilities to help increase the general awareness of typical power quality problems. The case studies provide examples which manufacturers have improved the immunity of their PLC-based servo control systems.

To achieve this goal, EPRI Power Quality Test Facility designed and built a model PLC based servo control system that reflects typical factory systems. They will run automated servo control sequences while subjecting the system to assorted power disturbances. This will allow them to demonstrate the susceptibilities of particular control schemes and develop modifications in the programming of PLCs, while exploring the incorporation.

The deliverables of EPRI as following:
• Establishment of performance criteria for the response of PLC-based servo control systems to electrical disturbances.
• Design and construction of a model PLC-based servo control system to test typical factory processes.
• Developments of testing protocols.
• Testing of servo control sequences in the EPRI Power Test Facility.
• Case studies of voltage sags tests.

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