Sunday, November 14, 2010

Offline Commissioning of a PLC Based Control System

High speed filling and packaging line systems require high stability at specified speed and well-balanced control program under complicated control conditions to ensure high system through put. These complex programs developed to control these systems run on the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Muller (2001) describes a simulation based technology called “PolySim”, designed to improve the quality of these systems. The example system described uses the AutoMod simulation package.

Traditionally, the final approval testing or commissioning of a control system is performed just prior to the startup phase of the control system. Offline Commissioning of a PLC Based Control System is an expensive, risky and error prone way of developing control systems due to the limitation of testing caused by the high level of safety issues to operators and damages to machines in the testing site. (Auinger 1999; Schludermann et al. 2000; Versteegt et al. 2002). However, the use of simulation allows one to develop these systems in a safe way with less time and costs.

It creates a high speed packaging (HS) system. This article is to present a general method to map control system model to controller for testing before commissioning. It uses several Rockwell Software applications to accomplish the goal.

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