Saturday, December 25, 2010

Big Controller Features Scaled for Small Machine Control of Omron PLC

The functions below listed to help you integrate more sophisticated control into your machine design using the programmable controller.

Online editing
Omron’s CX programmer software has an online of function editing that lets you change ladder instructions within your program without have to stop PLC scanning. This does not interrupt production operations and shorten debugging time. This feature is available at all Omron PLCs except ZEN.

The ports expansions are standard on most of the controllers. This feature gives the ability to the user to add expansion modules via a single cable connection giving your system more flexibility and I/O control. Use specialized or discrete expansion modules to add I/O as your application requires it.

Removable terminals
Removable terminals are ideal for Manufacturers and integrators to make your maintenance and installation as efficient as possible. By wiring terminal strip you save time in the field when its time to replace or install the controller.

Specialized I/O
Micro and small control systems offer specialized I/O:
Analog I/O – apply or monitor analog signals within your application. Multiple input and output points can be added to the most controllers of Omron. Modes are standard in high or standard resolution enabling you to maximize the efficiency of the process.

Temperature sensor input – Monitor process temperature then use the input to start the corrective action through the controller.

Temperature controller – these modules allow you to control and monitor multiple process loops directly within your control system. The operation of multiple modes and heater burn out detection are also available.

Linear sensor interface – these modules handle length measurement automatically by converting linear analog inputs and built in alarm features that you can use to work with your process.

Synchronized pulse control
This function use to match conveyor speed or in closed loop control for coordinated positioning. Scale the frequency of output pulse to multiple of the frequency of input pulse with just a single instruction.

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