Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Design of SCADA System Challenges

It is surrounded by a multitude of options and faced with tedious and challenging tasks to harness these current day and future technologies in the existing systems as well as in the newer systems in a expeditious manner and cost effective.
We need to maintain the older or legacy of SCADA systems to provide the best possible control and monitoring by gradually upgrading.
• Field device wiring networks and Field Remote Terminal Units (RTUs).
• Local area networks and control room central SCADA units they reside.
• Communication network between the central SCADA systems and the field PLC or RTUs and IT networks.
• Interface between It networks and control room SCADA.

We need to review new systems as following:
• Consider protocols and open non proprietary standards for RTU/SCADA control and monitoring.
• Wire and wireless communication systems analyzing for cost effective systems.
• Easily upgradeable systems and check for the industry proven.
• Interchangeable hardware and software from vendor to other vendor.
• The programs and system software code ownership after purchase of systems.

The latest RTUs come in variety of flavors and include communication connectivity through serial Modbus, Modbus/TCP, Ethernet and a host of other protocols. The remote processors are equipped with smart modems for leased telephone/satellite connectivity or wireless.


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