Tuesday, December 21, 2010

EtherMeter Standards based SCADA

The EtherMeter integrates easily into the vast majority of modern SCADA systems due to its incorporation of both Modbus and Allen-Bradley. Modbus or DF1 can be user selected as the active industrial protocol on the serial port. Modbus and Ethernet/IP are both available on the Ethernet port. The EtherMeter features an always on internal web server for added functionality that can be used to display meter data on remote web browsers within an internet or in the intranet.

Modbus was selected as one of the flagship industrial protocols for the EtherMeter and it becomes a de facto standard of industrial communication protocols. It is the most common of connecting industrial electronic devices.

EtherMeter is user friendly initial setup. Centrally manageable setup menu is available for the System Integrator either the serial port or Telnet. The configuration of EthernetMeter requires only a terminal emulation software and notebook computer.

Setup commands are type-written and intuitive at a command prompt. A wide settings are available the System Integrator, only a handful will need modification by any one particular Integrator. The EtherMeter is equipped wit 4 auxiliary outputs and inputs, making it suitable for deployment as a RTU’s standalone at low complexity locations, such as simple pumping stations or master meter vaults.


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