Thursday, December 23, 2010

OPC Server to Communicate with Communication Server

An Industrial PC is connected to the Wide Area network (WAN) each of the major components in system is described as following: the software components that located on the PC must be able to expand as the system grows without modifications and major upgrades.

One of the component keys is the OPC server. OLE for process control is a set of interfaces based on technology of DCOM and OLE/COM, for truly open software application interoperability between field devices/systems automation/control applications and business/office applications and field systems/d devices. The OPC server collects data form the IEDs or the communication processor and makes it available to any other application located on the connected LAN or the PC.

The OPC Server can use a protocols variety to communicate with the communication processor. However a single server can communicate with multiple devices using different protocols those are the powerful aspect of an OPC server. An intuitive user interface, HMI, efficiently implement a user interface that offers all the features of a system traditional SCADA.

Any number of OPC compatible software applications can be run to accomplish specific tasks since the relay data is available in the OPC Server. The paging of the software can be set up to monitor digital alarm bits in the OPC Server.


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