Monday, December 27, 2010

PLC Program with easySoft CoDeSys

The Moeller philosophy consistently follows: a software package both for creating the visualization screens and for programming. No additional visual package is required. PLC visualization and program are created on one user interface. The designer only has to play around wit a package of software.

easySoft CoDeSys is an IEC 61131-2 compliant system programming based on CoDeSys from 3S for industrial PLCs. Matured technical features, simple handling and the widespread use of this software in the components automation of different manufacturers make it a guarantee for success. This success is demonstrated impressively with Moeler’s new 5.7” multi function display.

The MFD4-5-XRC-30 enables existing visualization functions to be used on separate target hardware. The MFD4 is also equipped with a web server naturally. The special feature: web visualization and target visualization can be run simultaneously. The benefits of only a software package for visualization and programming are obvious: the direct access to the variables of the PLC provides for greater clarity and reduces the project design work required. No separate software of visualization is required. The otherwise unavoidable and often error-prone export and import of symbolic variable lists is necessary. The software for everything is the principle and that is easy to use.

The visualization editor integrates a number of functions such as alarm management, recipe management, password management, language selection and online project simulation on the PC. The following elements enable the design of sophisticated visualization screens ellipse, polygon, rectangle, polyline, pie, curve, button, table, bitmap, bar, display, meter, trend. Complete visualizations can be stored in libraries and then called up in different project as POUs library.

Alarm tables can be tailored in easySoft CoDeSys to the specific requirements of each application. You can build table using an alarm parameters host. For instance, you can define the acknowledge procedure in alarm classes. For each alarm group you define a file in which the alarms are store. You can switch simply between the alarm and the history list online.


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