Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Relay Based SCADA

The convergence of Ethernet based communication channels, hardened secure communications equipment and improved software tool has made relay system communications more reliable, capable, and less expensive. Ethernet based integration goes beyond SCADS to support engineering access to makes valuable capabilities visible and to protective relays.

This system offers distinct advantages over both dial up engineering access and proprietary SCADA. Ethernet based integration takes advantage of each tasked to support a specific requirement, the channel’s ability to support multiple communication sessions. The technology offers a simple method for migrating to new channels and protocols in the future and supports a wide variety of communication channels.

The system is identical to the local integration up to the communications processors. This means the relay system design for a station with local integration is identical to system with wide integration of the system. The communication processor flexibility allows this system to be implemented with both local a PC at central locations and touch screen HMI.

The Ethernet switch is connected to the processor of communication twice. One supports connection remote data acquisition by the industrial PC. The Ethernet switch is connected to a network of wide area. Many control center and sites session. The Ethernet switch is connected to a wide area network (WAN). Additional devices can be connected to each switch at each site, including digital video cameras, communications processors, weather stations, etc.


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