Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SmartSymbol Wonderware InTouch

InTouch 9.0 software with the IOSetRemoteReferences script and SmartSymbols function enables users to easily and quickly create and deploy graphical representations of real time industrial process applications that connect to InTouch tag servers, ArchestrA Objects Templates in Wonderware’s Industrial Application Server and I/O Servers.

Users can very easily to create graphic templates that can be used throughout the entire application with SmartSybols. Users can create graphical object once, attach animations and then save that objects as a SmartSybols. Users can also create SmartSymbols standard libraries that adhere to their company’s standards for animation and color, resulting in graphics that conform to existing practices without requiring a management and administration great deal. These SmartSymbols libraries can be imported and exported into other InTouch applications resulting in standards for graphics that can be easily implemented throughout an entire organization. Developing entire InTouch HMI applications become as simple as choosing the SmartSymbol graphic from the library manager, selecting the instance dropping and reference it into a window.

When modifying graphical objects or testing applications, users only need to edit the SmartSymbol graphic template and all instances throughout the application will automatically updated with the new information, resulting in tremendous time savings and a significant reduction in potential errors.

theIOSetRemoteReferences script function enables users to create graphical faceplates, which can be easily and quickly modified at runtime. Faceplates can be created to model devices and their controls used throughout the application such as pumps, valves, and motors. A user would create a SmartSymbol graphic template first and then associate it with tags using a remote style reference to leverage the IOSetRemoteReferences script function. Whenever a particular condition occurs or a device such as a push of a button is activated, the IOSetRemoteReferences function updates all of the data references at runtime. This update is very fast because all of the data sources in the window are updated using one line of script.

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