Friday, December 10, 2010

Supervisory Level HMI

The devices of supervisory level HMI are typically personal computer workstations located in the central control room and/or engineering and management offices. The function and quantity of these workstations depends on the size and complexity of the facility. Simple facilities may be provided with a single workstation which may be located in the main mechanical or electrical space in the absence of a central control room. Complex or large facilities should be provided with a minimum of two workstations in the control room to permit operators to back one another up.

Multi building campuses should provide workstations in the electrical or mechanical space of each major building to permit operations staff to obtain status and alarm information for the entire facility from any building.
1. Graphical screens displayed is used supervisory level HMI on the computer monitor to communicate alarm conditions and system status. Screens should be provided for subsystem, system overview, facility overview and equipment screens for all major components of the facility. Remote supervisory control and manual control is typically performed at the supervisory level HMI under security access control.

2. Data storage capability and trending should be included an all SCADA systems to provide a permanent log of facility performance. All critical parameters, such as humidity, temperature, current, voltage should be stored every 15 minutes.

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