Sunday, December 19, 2010

VT250 HMI Support CoDeSys

The 200 MHz/32Bit RISC processor not only provides the power of communication, but also enough resources for the controlling and visualizing software that may be run on Turck’s new HMI as well. Hilscher’s visualizing hardware, thus allowing to fully utilizing the power of controller’s computing. QVIS enables the user to create and arrange graphical user interfaces and provides all functions of a system of modern visualizing, such as composition management, alarm handling, history, password protection, trending and simulation. Thanks to an integrated variable interface for the CoDeSys controller that is also integrated into the VT250, both system works together perfectly, the more so as the system of run time CoDeSys SP is already implemented into the netXcontroller.

Same as the programmable gateways Turck offers for its distributed I/O systems BL67 and BL20, the new HMI support fully the very popular CoDeSys software. The hardware independent application software enables users to create their own controlling solution. Based on the international standard IEC 6113103, CoDeSys supports all common programming languages for this standard and provides complete back ends, including compilers, for all common types of processor. In this way, CoDeSys helps create and operate software controlling applications virtually every possible hardware.

The VT250 is one of the first automation solutions to support CoDeSys V3. This version combines all of the functionality of proven software with brand new options like object orientation PLC programming. CoDeSys V3 supports the operating system Windows CE for more applications of visualizing; Hilscher’s operating system provides enough power for more complex controlling tasks.

Turck once again confirms its comprehensive solution know-how with the new HMI series. The first model VT250 excels in flexibility and superior communication characteristics. It provides application oriented controlling and visualizing functionality with enough power to handle communication between every fieldbus system virtually and real time Ethernet. The new HMI can even be configured as master or slave, regardless of the direction of communication.


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